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ORACLE: Systems Integration, Architect, DBA, Designer, Developer, Discoverer, Oracle Applications (Financials, Manufacturing, Warehouse, and HR), PeopleSoft Financials, Pro*C, SQL, PL/SQL, Oracle*Case, SQL*DBA, SQL*Forms, DataQuery and DataBrowser, Database Administration, Dimensional Data Modeling, Data Warehousing, Informatica.

UNIX, Linux, Cloud (AWS, Azure, etc.), Windows, XWindows, Web, HTML, JavaScript, C, C++, C#, PERL, Pascal, Fortran, Assembler, Ada, Sybase Database Administration, ASP.NET, AJAX, Visual Studio, Visual Basic, Cold Fusion, Access, FoxPro, Foxbase, dBase, Clipper, SAS, RBase, KnowledgeMan, GURU, Clarion, Esperant, Crystal Reports, MS-Office, Excel, Lotus, Supercalc, Basic, Millenium, Ramis, Syncsort, Enable, Configuration Management (DSEE, CMVC, SCCS, PVCS, RCS, Endeavor, ClearCase, ClearQuest), Tivoli, Wollongong Network Management System, Kerberos, Aestra's Dispatch, Aurum's ServiceTrack.


Cloud (AWS, Azure, etc.)
IBM: 90xx,309x, 308x, 4341, 370, 360, RS6000, PC/XT/AT/386/486/Pentium/PS2/VM
Sun: e10000, Sunfire 6800, 4800, 330, SparcStation, SparcServer20, ix
HP/Apollo: DN570, DN560, DN300, DN3000, DN580T, Apollo Network
DEC: Alpha, VAX 8650, 6420, 11/785, 11/780, 11/750, PDP-11/70, 11/44, 11/34, DEC-10 and DEC-20
Other: VALinux, Silicon Graphics (SGI), Sequent, MODCOMP, Data General, ATEX, Workstations, File Servers, Networks, Routers, Gateways, Terminal Servers, CISCO firewalls and routers.

Operating Systems:

Cloud (AWS, Azure, etc.) and Unix Application Development & Unix Systems Administration for Linux, Sun, IBM, HP/Apollo, DEC/Alpha/Compaq, IBM/AIX,
IBM (TSO, JCL, CMS, VM, OS/390, OS/VS, MVT, HASP, RJE, MVS, ISPF, SuperWylbur, UNIX, AIX, HACMP), Microsoft Windows,
DEC/Compaq (Linux, VMS, UNIX, RSX-llM, RSTS)
Networks: TCP/IP, Unix, Novell, Banyan & IBM Mainframe and Mixed Vendor Networks, Network Analyzers, CISCO firewalls and routers.

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